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How It Works

We help at every step

Make a Wish. And then Publish it. Your wish goes live as a WishCrow project. Let friends and families know about it. They will begin to contribute and so will do Secret Santa (the secret givers) from around the world. When your wish-goal is accomplished, you’ll get the funds delivered to you in less than 12hrs. That simple. We do not issue any invoice. And hence you do not pay any fees. We do not minus any commission from your actual wish-goal. We take care of your wish-project the best way possible by making it reach thousands of Givers around the globe.

Wish & Accomplish

Any project in WishCrow Platform is backed by family, friends, friends’ friends or Secret Santas (secret givers) who will help raise the amount projected to fulfill a wish.

Any person such as a kid, youth, elderly, disabled or anybody who dreams something and wishes for it, can have the wish fulfilled.

How? When the person posts a wish-project on WishCrow Platform by expecting how much s/he needs to fulfill her/his wish, it will be reviewed for legitimacy and then published to go live as a wish-project just like this one in here.

People, such as friends, families or Secret Santas, begin to contribute. Once the goal amount is raised, the project will end. And the collected funds will head to the way to its Wisher. That is it.

Do you have a wish too – a ‘Wish’ that is simple, small or even a very big one?

Just create your wish-project with WishCrow. It will take just a minute. You can also email your wish.

Submit a wish today and see how your families, friends and Secret Santas will support you to get your wish fulfilled! Good thing is, you can wish as many times a year as your heart desires.

Have multiple wishes? No problem. Feel free to post each of them. All we expect from you is: make it as appealing as possible so that you are able to impress Secret Santa as well. They are the Givers and love to give regardless of race, creed, religion or any backgrounds or geographical boundaries.

What’s The Cost

WishCrow Project is unique in its nature. It does not charge you any percentage on publishing a wish-project. It does not have any commission set-forth on your wish-goal. Your wish-goal is awarded 100% regardless of its goal amount.

All that WishCrow does is: adds 10% on top of your wish-goal and publishes your wish-project to go live reaching millions of givers around the world. As for example, if your wish-goal is $100 setup by you, WishCrow will publish the project with a new goal as $110, i.e. a 10% added on top of your setup goal.

This way, WishCrow also gets supported by the givers without hurting your wish project in anyway. If your wish-project is not able to raise as its goal set-forth on any time sensitive wish-project, WishCrow will only apply a total of 4% maintenance and global socialization fees. That will be all. This fairness fee structure helps support WishCrow platform to operate smoothly. At times, WishCrow will also sponsor charity wish-projects when their goals are not achieved on time. Such practice serves a greater good.

Featured Wish Project

All featured wish projects are highlighted in home screen top display spot and get 90% more exposure than general wish projects. Featured wish projects will add 15% of the wish goal on top against 10% for the general wish projects cap. As for example, if you have a general wish project, and the goal is $100, wish project will go live as $110. Whereas, if you choose to publish your wish project as featured wish project, the goal, i.e. $100, will go live as $115. When the goal is achieved, you will receive your $100 wish amount and the platform will keep the rest. This feature and accumulated revenue helps us pay processing fees, maintain smooth transactions, sustain platform health, invest in technology advancement and network safety measures.