Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing a wish project is absolutely free. It doesn’t cost at all.

WishCrow doesn’t have any commission rates applicable to charge you.

You do not have to pay to withdraw funds from the projects that met the goal if you choose PayPal as a method of funds reimbursement.

You will pay 3% of the initial wish project goal amount. This fee structure is accessed to inspire PayPal as a recommended funds reimbursement method. Secondly, we want to make sure that the funds reach to the right hands.

Upon such, you can request to keep the wish project running. Otherwise, the project stops running and the raised funds will be processed for reimbursement when requested.

WishCrow will access 4% fees to all those wish projects that do not raise enough to meet the goal. This fee goes entirely to maintain transaction fees and platform security and maintenance.

Funds stay safe as long as withdraw request are not made.

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